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Low Payments - Interest Rates range between 9% - 15%
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Enjoy Freedom, with America's Rifle!

AR-15 Parts

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Living a life of preparedness.
No matter where mankind goes, there will always be the longing to live a free life. Nuke Town Mercantile represents an idea that even if life started over, if all modern amenities were lost, that a free life style would still be of the upmost importance. We value freedom and cherish the U.S. Constitution.
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About Us

South Georgia's new Source for Guns & Ammo!
We are a brand new company located in historic downtown Tifton, GA. We carry a variety of products for the aspiring southern, outdoors loving, patriotic American. Anything from Apparel, hats, ammo, beard products, pocket knives, tumblers and mugs, to the things that go p-e-w p-e-w… (if you know what we mean). Local Pickup - Tifton, GA: If you live around the Tifton, GA area there is no more affordable way to purchase firearms than through our website. Get online prices with no shipping cost, and no transfer fee. Simply place your order online and within 2 - 4 business days your firearm will be available for pickup!